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Laboratory Equipment

Superior analysis instruments:

We have complete quality control system including LC-MS, GC-MS, HPLC, Preparative chromatography Headspace gas chromatography, Infrared spectrometer , Near-infrared spectrometer, Atomic absorption spectrophotometer, Atomic emission , Ultraviolet spectrophotometer and Karl-fischer moisture meter, applied to detect synthetic dyes, synthetic antioxidant, microorganism and other hazardous ingredients in food,medicine, additives industry.


Skilled Analytical Team:
There are professionals with doctor, master and bachelor degrees. They constantly communicate and study with many famous international testing institutions and universities including JNU,NTU,SDU,CAU.With their abundant professional knowledge and experience, through innovation and improvement of testing method, now the testing accuracy and precision has achieved world leading level.


Complete production equipment system:
Solid liquid fermentation tank; extract the dynamic reactor; stirred tank reactor; steam sterilizer; water vapor distillation kettle; macroporous resin adsorption column. Membrane separation; reactor supersonic extraction, microwave extraction reactor;Single/double phase vacuum concentrating equipment; low temperature vacuum drying; automatic capsule filling machine; belt type filter press; solvent recovery tower; spray dryer; these devices ensure the diversity of product and production control.


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