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Herb Exaction Machine

High Level Scientific Research Team:

Cima scientific research team was established in 2005,led by famous nutritionists and chemical experts and composed of more than 20 doctors,masters and bachelors from several key universities.Our expertise covers Bio engineering, food engineering, chemical industry and animal nutrition.Complementary knowledge and skills make the team members do excellent team work.


High PerformanceResearch Model:
Scientific research and innovation work is managed by executives, who implement people-oriented and standardized management and establish mechanism security. We advocate the basic work, cultivate the nucleus and seek high-end development. Here production process development, testing analysis, pilot transformation, production enlargement and market sales are all strong support for innovation and value achievement.


High Quanlity Research Achievements:
Constantly working to develop in recent years, the company has successfully completed L-α-GPC, Palmitoylethanolamide, N-oleoyl ethanolamine, Stearoyl vanillylamide and a series of health care products, and finished the garlic, red yeast rice, olives, and a series of natural plant research and development production, in terms of OEM, agents , independent research and development product formula have also made certain achievements.

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