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Foreign trade manager
Job description:

1) Strong logical thinking, quick response, good communication and excellent anti-stress ability, can adapt to different working environments;
2) Being a good team player, having organizing skills, and dare to take responsibilities;
3) With bachelor’s degree, more than 5 years of foreign trade work experience in chemical products, pharmaceutical intermediates, herbal extracts, etc., including more than 3 years of team management experience, can independently lead the team to develop the international market effectively, get in touch with foreign customers, seek orders, and lead business negotiations and sign contracts.
4) Fluent oral and written English, and solid foreign trade knowledge.
5) Assisting the general manager in related matters;
job recruitment:

International Sales:
Job description:

1. Contact and maintain foreign customers and develop new customers.
2. Negotiate and sign foreign trade orders.
3. Make and review documents, fulfill order management.
4. Track foreign trade orders until fully finished.
5. Control and track the production and supply of ordered materials.
6. Collect and sort information of potential customers, and handle the customers’ requirement.
7. Properly handle unexpected situations during the fulfillment of the contract.
8. Complete other tasks temporarily assigned by the manager.
Job Requirements:
1. Basic requirements: Love foreign trade, dare to challenge yourself, challenge high salary, be hardworking, pragmatic and proactive, be a team player, have high execution ability,can withstand strong work pressure. Determined to be engaged in foreign trade persistently;
2. Bachelor degree or above, majored in international trade and foreign trade English; bio-pharmaceutical, food, chemical engineering, computer, PHOTOSHOP specialty, familiar withinternational trade is preferred;
3, Quality requirements: excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, able to quickly and professionally write business letters, good oral English; More than 1 year of work experience in foreign trade related fields, Alibaba operating experience is preferred; Outstanding fresh graduates are also welcome; Know well about the importing and exporting procedure, familiar with the foreign trade import and export business.
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Laboratory R&D Engineer
Job Description:

1. Fulfill the companys new product development plan;
2. Preparation of technology and technical documents and inspection standards related to new products development;
3. Collecting domestic and foreign technical data, pay close attention to product trends, and provide technical reference to general manager for decision-making;
4. Be responsible for technical process training and give technical guidance to the production department;
5. Be responsible for new product development, use new techniques, new technologies and new materials to improve product quality.
Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor’s degree or above in medicine or bioengineering.
2. Good knowledge in organic synthesis chemistry, strong hands-on ability, familiar with various organic synthesis reactions and mechanisms.
3. Familiar with the use of common preparations and analytical equipment in laboratory, familiar with the use of large production equipment, HPLC, GC, UV and other measuring instruments.
4. Good English, able to read English literature.
5. Work conscientiously, be proactive, be good at team work, rigorous and creative,  outgoing personality, have strong independent work ability, and be willing to face challenges.
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Laboratory analysis and inspection engineer
Job description:

1. Routine analytical tests, such as HPLC test of active ingredients in herbal extracts; UV test of total flavonoids, total saponins and other active ingredients;
2. Residue detection, mainly using LC、MS-MS, GC、MS-MS, ICP、MS analysis to detect pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues and heavy metal content;
3. Be able to complete the entire process of the test project independently, including sample preparation, operation and data processing of the instrument, and reports issue.
4. Routine maintenance and maintenance of equipment (HPLC, UC, LC、MS-MS, GC、MS-MS, ICP、MS, and some pre-treatment equipment, etc.);
5. Completion of the periodical review of reference materials and common equipment;
6. Timely summary and analysis of various problems and phenomena encountered in the work, keep study at work and learn from experienced colleagues.
Required Qualifications:
1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. Analytical, Angewandte Chemie, organic chemistry and other chemical related majors;
3. Having working experiences in the field of chemical analysis is preferred.
4. Good Independent learning ability, positive, self-motivated, optimistic, good at communication, able to withstand work pressure;
5. Good hands-on ability.
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